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Our website, Performing Arts Reviews ( is designed to support our wonderful Performing Arts community in Southern Oregon.

You and/or your business or organization can be part of growing Performing Arts in your community.

  • Exciting well designed website intended to support the performing arts in Southern Oregon
  • Southern Oregon residents can now easily find performing arts offerings
  • Comprehensive calendar showing what is available: where and when
  • Descriptive information about upcoming performing arts events!
  • Informative articles about Southern Oregon performing arts news

Why an online calendar for the Performing Arts community?

This labor of love in compiling and organizing all performing arts information was created to enhance Southern Oregon’s performing arts organizations and allow them to readily connect with their audience and so new patrons can easily access information about performing arts events.


  • Well educated ■ sophisticated ■ affluent
  • Higher education, more disposable income
  • Ideal audience for targeting advertising of products and services

Advertising opportunities:

Performing Arts Reviews will be providing advertising opportunities on both

the monthly Calendar of Performing Arts in the Rogue Valley which is downloadable by the public for free on this site’s Downloadable Print Calendar page and also distributed as a free glossy double-sided, single sheet flyer at various Southern Oregon locations – see list of locations on the Glossy Printed Calendar Flyer page. (To get an accurate sense of the quality and placement of our Calendar ads, take a look at the ads currently being run in the December Calendar available on our Downloadable Print Calendar page.)

and on

the website itselfwebsite ads are displayed 24/7 on EVERY page of the site. (To get an accurate sense of the quality and placement of our Website ads, look at the ads currently running in the right sidebar of this AND EVERY page).


The Performing Arts Reviews website has been generating very healthy traffic (of people obviously interested in the performing arts and presumably largely in the desirable demographic described above). For example, within the first several days after our page presenting a review of Rogue Valley Symphony‘s 2015-2016 Season Opening Concert on Sept. 25, 2015 went online (late on Sept. 26, 2015), the page had generated over 150 Facebook LIKES and our site statistics reveal that it was viewed by over 500 visitors in that short time.

Review of Rogue Valley Symphony 2015-16 Season Opening Concert generates over 150 Facebook LIKES in less than 3 days!

Our review of Rogue Valley Symphony’s 2015-16 Season Opening Concert generates over 150 Facebook LIKES in less than 3 days!

And that’s just ONE page. Your ad on the Performing Arts Reviews website will be seen on EVERY page. Where else can your product, service or event get THAT kind of exposure for a modest expense? Unlike websites like the local Mail Tribune‘s, which requires a paid subscription for access, limiting the viewership, our site is free and open to all, maximizing the impact of your ads placed with us.

Performing Arts Reviews‘ monthly Calendar of Performing Arts in the Rogue Valley is the ONLY comprehensive calendar of music concerts, theater performances, film events, etc. for Southern Oregon. There really is nothing else like it available anywhere else in the region. Anyone interested in performing arts can get a free copy, which informs them of available events for the month, and provides the date, time, location, and how to get tickets. It is a beneficial (and free!) aid which will help potential performing arts audiences to avoid missing events they may be interested in, due to lack of awareness, or confusion over the date, time or location. Because it is so beneficial, unique, and free, it would be surprising if the Calendar of Performing Arts (and the ads contained there) aren’t seen by a lot of eyes, belonging to people in Southern Oregon interested in the performing arts (and who are in that desirable demographic).

If you or your business or organization is interested in advertising on the Performing Arts Reviews website or on our monthly Calendar of Performing Arts in the Rogue Valley, you may request our ad RATE CARD and explore an advertising opportunity with us, by emailing

Thank you for supporting Southern Oregon’s performing arts community!