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Crater Drama’s 7 Plays 24 Hours

Crater Drama's 7 Plays 24 Hours

Crater Drama’s 7 Plays 24 Hours: Creative Eccentricities From The Minds Of Sleep-Deprived High Schoolers

– by Lee Greene

On Saturday evening, February 6, 2015, I was entertained by Crater High School’s Drama Students, who presented 7 (actually 8; I’ll explain later) original one act plays, all conceived, written, rehearsed and produced by the students in 24 hours. They assembled at the Crater Performing Arts Center at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, February 5, 2016, where they started from scratch, and the curtain went up on the new plays at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 6. Ten student writers, 27 student actors, and 7 student directors stayed up all night transforming 7 germs of an idea for plays into 7 actual, three dimensional works of theatrical art. The theater program elaborated on the process followed by the young artistes thusly:

Page from the Crater Drama Theater Program explaining what the drama kids did ALL night!

Page from the Crater Drama theater program explaining what the drama kids did ALL night!

The resulting 7 plays were certainly entertaining and interesting, and perhaps more than a tad bit eccentric – not surprising coming from the minds of creative high schoolers turned loose and encouraged to let their imaginations run wild (they certainly did!), accelerated by a potent amalgam of sleep deprivation and deadline pressure – the curtain goes up at 8:00 pm Saturday, ready or not (they were ready!).

About that 8th play. It seems their troublemaker of a principal (Aren’t ALL principals troublemakers? Isn’t stirring the pot an essential part of the job?) Bob King, thought it would be a good idea for the students’ Drama Teacher, Matthew Reynolds, to direct a play as well. So after the 7 student-directed plays, the 7 student directors got to switch roles and become the cast for an 8th play, directed by Mr. Reynolds.

The Saturday evening of performances was a fun evening for all – the audience as well as the student dramatists. Of course, there is no way that I can satisfactorily review 7 plays, 27 performances and the artistry of seven directors HERE – I’d be up all night myself working on reviews, but I don’t have the energy and resilience of those high schoolers; heck, I’m an OLD guy. Without sleep, I get cranky, and you wouldn’t want to be the subject of a review by a cranky old critic – it’s not pretty.

But the Crater Drama students DID entertain me, and I feel it’s only right and proper for me to somehow salute their efforts and celebrate their work. So I have decided to return the favor and entertain them, and you, my readers, with a creative eccentricity of my own. Here is my homage to the Crater Drama students for their successful (sleepless) night’s work, and an entertaining evening of original theater:

Crater Drama has a full calendar of Coming Events through the Spring 2016  Semester, including Poetry Out Loud on February 9, a Performing Arts Dessert Cabaret on February 20, Dancing People Company on February 26 & 27, a Scenic Musical on March 11 & 12, the Crater Campus Talent Show on April 12, Greater Tuna from April 20 to 23, UORDC and CR Dance on May 13 & 14, and the Shakespearean play, Comedy of Errors from June 2 to 4. You can keep tabs on what’s going on with Crater Drama through the Crater Renaissance Acadamy (of which Crater Drama is a part) website at